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Jul 17, 2011


           I only need a time, just a few moment. I hope I can freeze the time. And when I write this down, time is moving... Hold on for second... Please.... Closing my eyes, trying to remember a few things back off... This short time given to me (I still alive now), I passed through lots of moment. I love this phase "When somethings is about to end, and only that we start to think how it begin". This is about to end. So, I would like to say a few words coz you know I'm not able to spell it out. Its just me, I love to express something through my own way rather then speak those. So you see I'm always holding my "baby" so that I can freez the moment in my hand. Hey you, you know I'm writing this for you :) So for this opportunity, thanxs for this great memory. I'll miss you. I dont know if I'm good enough to you but you are good enough to me... Chill ya... Hey, truly, everything I did to you its not troubling me, not even once coz it fulling my day. Anything4u. one more, "bolehbhakalokao". And even if you miss me (in case), you know what to do... I told you rite? hahaha... Ok then. No idea what to write on... hopefully will meet again soon. God please give me a strength to live... My new friends, friends I meet here by the moment, thanxs you guys for colouring my life.... okey... I miss you guys :) Hey, another things, let people think what they wanted to think. As long as I know who you are, its more than enough. Love, laugh, live.... its a circle of live. People come and out but I hope you stay :) Because "sayakan adik". Not everyday we bringing another people inside our life, once step in its very hard to step out, yes you can fade off your self but to erase the memory you can't... for every breath that I take, very grateful and thankful... thanxs by the way. I love everyone :)


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